Moncton Kia

Appearance Centre



Interior Clean
Exterior Clean

Pro Interior Clean

$229.99 CARS
Full Vaccuum of all areas (nooks and crannies)
Full Bioenzemic Surface Clean
Leather Cleaning & Conditioning if applicable
Two Sets of Floor Mats
Trunk Clean
Door Jams Cleaned
UV Vinyl & Leather Protection
Glass Clean
Exterior Wash & Dry
Wheels & Tires Cleaned and Dressed

Eco Clean

$129.99 CARS
Basic Surface Clean
One Set of Floor Mats Clean
Glass Clean
Door Jams Cleaned
Exterior Wash & Dry
Wheels & Tires Cleaned and Dressed

*Pet Hair and Excessive Mess Extra
*$30 Charge for 3rd Row Vehicles

Engine Detail

Engine de-grease & dressed plastics and vinyl

Headlight Restoration

3 Stage wet sand & refinish

Exterior Pro Wash

Liquid Wash
Wheels & Tires Cleaned and Dressed

Ceramic Coating

2-year protection

Complete Exterior Decontamination & Protection

$159.99 CARS
PH Neutral Wash
Two Part Chemical Decontamination
Clay Bar Paint
Glass Clean
Door Jambs Clean
Hand Applied Paint Protection
Wheels & Tires Cleaned and Dressed

Paint Restoration & Buffing

$199.99 - $599.99
Inclues Decontamination & Protection
1 to 3 Stages of Paint Correction

*Prices will vary depending on size and condition.

There are various benefits to using bio-enzymatic cleaners

  • 1. They are often safer for the environment and human health compared to other chemical products.
  • 2. The micro-organisms (bacteria) can penetrate into very small cracks and crevices and eliminate soils and malodors that traditional chemicals often cannot remove.
  • 3. The bacteria and enzymes are left as residuals and can keep working for up to 80 hours after application, ensuring that soils and malodors are are fully removed.

Chemical Decomposition

Decontaminating a vehicle's paint finish is an often-overlooked detailing step yet very necessary to achieving a flawless finish. After thoroughly washing and cleaning your vehicle, you expect the exterior to be clear of any debris. However, if grime and other materials appear stuck to the surface, car paint decontamination can help eliminate the tough dirt.

Clay Bar Paint

Clay bar is essentially used to remove the grunge from your vehicle's paint surface, so that you can see a clear, bright finish. After claying your car's surface, the most noticeable benefit your car encounters is that of slickness and smoothness. Using a clay bar definitely makes waxing easier and more effective.